Canadian Motorcyclist Proves That Two Wheels Can Actually Be Good

I never thought I'd actually say this, as "two-wheels-bad-four-wheels-better," but this kind soul of a Canadian rider proved that there truly is good in this world. And it comes on two wheels.


We've seen Motorcycle Mensches before, but this one just makes my heart just go d'awwwww. Our fair and gentle hero saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair stuck in the shallow ditch formed by the sidewalk and some lovely planted flowers, and pulled over to help her out. He lifted her scooter out of the ditch and sent her own her way, thus completing his legally required R.A.C. (Random Act of Canadianness) for the day.


The penalty for not completing a daily R.A.C. is death.

Happy riding!

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What the fuck!! Who puts that on Youtube?

"Aww look, I took time out of my busy recreational activity to help this disabled woman. I mean look...LOOOOOK AT THE DISABLED WOMAN I HELPED!"

That is not is not a R.A.C.,that is what is called being a fucking human. But putting it on Youtube is what is called being an ass-hat on two-wheels.