Canadian Hummer Driver Saves A Gaggle Of Children With His Car

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Many cars have stereotypes, and typically Hummer owners and drivers are thought of as being selfish, uncaring people. That's mainly because they are driving a car that drinks gas like Natty Light at a fraternity rush.


But not all owners are selfish. For example, one Canadian Hummer driver used his car to shield four children from being run over. That's pretty ok, eh?

The driver, Darrell Krushelnicki, had just dropped his girlfriend off at a mall in Edmonton, Canada, and was waiting at an intersection to go about his day. As he sat there, he saw four kids crossing the road.

But then he saw trouble. A driver was coming quickly up the inside lane towards the red light and didn't look like he was going to stop. Unsurprisingly, it appeared he was on a cell phone.

Instead of letting the kids, who ranged in age from three to 16, get mowed down, Krushelnicki eased his Hummer into the intersection to block the path of the oncoming car.

It worked.

The man in the speeding car hit the Hummer and not the kids. Other than a loose tooth, Krushelnicki was not injured and he immediately went to check on the kids and make sure they were ok. The driver that was on his phone was shaken up, but also uninjured.


Police are recommending Krushelnicki for a citizen award for his actions. The other driver, John Troy Heitzman, is being charged with dangerous driving. That sounds aboot right.

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