Canada Won't Be Getting The Chevrolet SS

Bad news for our friends in Canada. The new Chevrolet SS — the sedan that looks like a car you rent at the airport when Hertz or whoever didn't have the one you reserved but packs a 415-horsepower V8 so it's okay — will not be headed north. 

According to this report in Canada's Globe and Mail, Chevrolet plans to keep their rear-wheel-drive sport sedan in the United States only. The Canadians will get the Corvette Stingray, so they've got that going for them at least.


In light of this information, let's revise our Holden VF Commodore hierarchy of nations thusly:

BEST: Australia, which gets (and builds) the Commodore SS V and even has a manual transmission

GOOD: America, which gets the Commodore rebaged as the SS, but only with an automatic

WORST: Canada, which does not get it at all 

Glad we were able to clear that up. 

Photo credit GM

Hat tip to Autoblog

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