Can You Tell The Difference Between Top Gear's Fake DeltaWing And The Real One?

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When the people at Top Gear saw the Highcroft DeltaWing, they said, "hey, we could do that!" Instead of going back to eating chips, they actually built one in just 39 days. You know what? It's not bad.

We last checked in on Andy Saunders' excellent creation a few weeks ago, and it's amazing how far it's come. It used to be just a Westfield Se7en clone with some spot-welded shoulder pads. Now it looks like the stealth phallus it was always meant to be.


While 39 days sounds like a short build time, breaking it down to 337 man hours gives you a better sense of the work that it took to make this thing happen. According to Top Gear, Andy would have done more if it was possible.

There are some things we couldn't do - like widen the rear or narrow the front any more to match the dimensions exactly — but that's only because we would have had to completely reengineer the drivetrain and we didn't have time.

Even though its rear fenders came off an old German scooter gas tank, they routed the exhaust through the passenger footwell and the original wiring caught fire at one point, the car looks like a major success. We hope it makes it out to Le Mans this weekend to get some side-by-side comparisons with the multimillion dollar real-deal car.

Photo Credit: (real Deltawing) Zerin Dube/Speed Sport Life, (fake Deltawing) Top Gear