The owner of this 1969/2 Citroën DS21 says this car was to the car industry what Nirvana was to the music world. They both make a big impression but good luck trying to understand them.

It's beyond argument that the DS was the most innovative car of the 20th century, and luckily for Citroën, the public realized that too straight away, buying more than 1.4 million of them in twenty years.

The problem with American cars was that nobody knew how to work on their sophisticated hydraulic suspensions, and the French were not that keen to send parts over either. As a result, fiberglass roof or not, the U.S. couldn't enjoy the DS to the fullest. That's why if you want to drive one in San Francisco, you better wait until you find the perfect one-owner car with a matching mechanic who knows all about his camembert.

When it comes to Nirvana, I'm not sure what Kurt Cobain was driving before he ended it all. I only remember he liked creepy vans. But you know what, Mr. Jeff Suhy? You're definitely onto something!

Nirvana's frontman wasted himself on drugs in his attempt to deal with all the pressure that surrounded the band after Nevermind. Now, can you think of a more relaxing experience out there than a long drive in a DS?


Maybe that was all he was missing.