A year ago, Jalopnik video was just the stuff from the webcam Matt ordered me to use every time I took a shower. Then we made a real YouTube channel with real videos. And as we cap off another Detroit Auto Show full of Lexus ogling and squeezing into Honda trucks, we’re at an incredible 98,462 subscribers. A monumental success indeed!

It’s a success we’re very proud of for sure, and one that’s been a true labor of love from everyone on staff. And we’re so damn close to 100,000 subscribers. So close we can almost taste it, like I can still taste the “special custom home-distilled” version of Jalopnik Brefass Scotch that Jason sent me for Christmas. (My eyesight returned eventually.)


So I’m asking you please, from the bottom of my heart: will you help push our channel up to 100,000 subscribers?


Nobody works harder at video in the world of cars than Michael Roselli and Jared Auslander, our amazing video guys. And if we get up to 100,000 subscribers, I will buy (expense) for Mike and Jared:

  • A pony
  • Some medical marijuana here in Detroit
  • A 2017 GMC Acadia
  • Half off their next car-stancing
  • An autographed photograph of myself, Patrick George, editor of Jalopnik.com
  • I’ll let their families go unharmed

Or some combination of those things.

Can you help us hit that magic number? It’d mean so much to us. Someone has to get out there and drive the Hoffman, and I guess it’s gotta be us.


UPDATE: Holy shit, you did it! You got us there! We’re at 100,026 as of this writing. Roselli and Jared say they’re going to name their ponies Princess Cupcake and BloodScythe, respectively.

Thanks for following! Many more great YouTubes to come.

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