(Photo Credit: Craigslist)
(Photo Credit: Craigslist)

Guys, hey! Thanks for doing me this favor. Somebody just posted a freaking 1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech on freaking Craigslist but shoot, I’m all the way on the other side of the country!


Update: I don’t know how legit this Craigslist ad for a 267 mph prototype in midtown is, I shot the guy an email and heard it’s not actually in Manhattan, just listed there, Shanghai, and Dubai. You know, where the fancy cars are. The car is apparently actually in the “southern plains of the US.” That, uh, doesn’t narrow it down too much so you’re going to need a lot of luck and good spider-senses to find this thing. If it’s a scam, at least these rascals have great and creative taste in cars.

The Aerotech, of course, was part of a series of concept cars GM cooked up in the late 80’s to prove, I don’t know, that their boxiest brand could be the opposite?


Much more than a stage-only sideshow, the Aerotech really did hit 267.88 mph (later setting an official record at 257.123 mph) on a closed course at the hands of Indy 500 champ A.J. Foyt. Our Craigslister says the car in this video is the very one he (or she) has for sale for $3.5 million.

“YOU SHOULD BE SAYING... OMG!!” the ad reads. Oh, I am dear seller. And does that little half-scale model come with it? It does?! O. M. G.

Anyway like I said– I want a piece of this thing and none of my New York friends are returning my frantic emails about it, so if anybody out there has a line on a Craigslist Aerotech hit me up ASAP please and thank you.

Hat tip to Uri!

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