Now, I haven't been in this long wheelbase 1986 Citroƫn CX, but with its hydropneumatic suspension that can smooth out the roughest of roads, and an interior fit for the gods, I'd be willing to say that there isn't a more comfortable car on sale right now.

Citroƫn's hydraulic suspension system was far too complex and finicky to ever become mainstream, but when it works, there's nothing else like it. Cars equipped with it, like the DS, SM, and the CX we have here are regarded as being the most sublimely comfortable of the world.

Now look at that backseat. Have you ever seen such a luxurious interior? I mean, damn, those are some seriously cushy seats, and even the tallest of passengers would be more than comfortable sitting back there.


Now imagine sitting in those glorious seats with all of that legroom and riding in a car that can iron out any bump in the road. Close your eyes and imagine. I'll wait.

I think we can agree that it's probably the most wonderful thing on the road.

They didn't call it the "Prestige" for no reason.

I seriously doubt there's anything else for sale that could match the supreme comfort of this Citroƫn, but I'm curious to see what you can come up with. So get to eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader or wherever you find your wacky cars and share in the comments.


Photo Credits: eBay