Can We All Get Along If Our Cars Have Different Operating Systems?

Mobile operating systems that work with our cars sound like a good idea if they don't drive us apart as a society. With Apple launching iOS for cars and Google doing the same with Android, can we all be friends ever?


This is like the days when people using Macs basically didn't talk to those using Windows. A friend once said his date left him when he said he was a Mac guy. That's rough.

I'm kind of excited for in-car iOS, but then I've loaded up on Apple stuff. Others might feel differently about that, but we're used to other people's brand preferences in the car world. Are the cars, though?


I seriously do not want Apple in my car. I don't need to download quicktime each time I want to change the temperature.


4X and I probably would get along:

On the other hand, you, sure, don't want to be constantly asked:


PS9 wins the argument:

*Drives Audi to BMW dealership*

*Door locks*

Driver: "Hey, what the f-"

Car: "Attention; BMW is not currently your default car brand. Would you like to remain a loyal Audi customer?"

Driver: "What the fuck is this bullshit? Let me out of here!"

Car: "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave." *Pipes exhaust gas into cabin*

Driver: "My name isn't dave! What the hell is...going...on....*Passes out*

If that's the case, PS9, I'd like to see what happens to someone who drives a Saab to an Audi-BMW-Mercedes-whatever dealership.


Image: Jason Torchinsky

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