Can This Stanced Suzuki Kei Car Get Any Crazier?

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Welcome to Cars of The Ku, a sometimes weekend segment where we highlight a cool car I (Kat) have found around where I live. Ku (区) is the Japanese word for “city ward.” This stanced Suzuki Alto kei car might test the boundaries of “cool” (and good taste), but it’s certainly something I couldn’t possibly ignore!

This thing is already pretty insane. Aside from the Fast & Furious style body kit, this thing has gauges for its gauges and a desk fan clipped to the passenger sun visor, and fuzzy dice both on the mirror AND on the rear lip. It even has the “bosozoku, drift culture” element in the “cut” subway train handle, and the deep dish wheels.


I wonder if the pine tree air fresheners represent his “kills” on the street? Or something.


If you could make this crazier, how would you do it? Because this thing only has 63HP, and this dude(ette?) gives exactly zero fucks. ZERO. I believe as a certain Australian duo might say, “MAAAAAAAAAAAD!”

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