You have about $65,000 to spend on a brand new go-fast machine. Do you go for the V8-powered, better-than-ever Corvette Stingray or opt for the all new, all turbocharged BMW M4? Decisions, decisions...


Maybe this Automobile track test at Gingerman Raceway will help you make up your mind. Or not. This video made me realize just how surprisingly similar these modern versions of two established icons really are.

While the Stingray's starting price is considerably less than the M4's, both ended up in the same ballpark in terms of power, weight and technology.

The M4's twin-turbo inline six puts out 425 horsepower and it weighs in at about 3,600 pounds; the Corvette's V8 has 460 horsepower, and it's around 3,300 pounds. And of course, both send power to the rear wheels.

This has never been a tougher call to make. Which way would you go?

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