Can beige paint and orange wheels fix the CR-Z?

So the Honda CR-Z didn't turn out to be the CRX revival we were hoping for. Even if it's not really a sports coupe, it is a cute little hatch back. Could matte beige paint, a funky interior and orange tires add some much needed curb appeal? The French seem to to think so.


This custom CR-Z was built by Intersection Magazine's Parisian wing under the guidance of the very short, French/Greek Yorgo Tloupas, who you see driving in the video clip.

"I've always been slightly obsessed by flat, non-metallic paint, and although recently there has been a few production cars reviving that very pre-1970 type of shade, the beige that adorned pre-war Delahayes, old Alfa Romeos and classic Mercedes-Benzes is seldom seen," describes Yorgo. "So we developed a specific flat beige with Carizzma, and applied it to our CR-Z.

Then we decided to work on the most important design element: the wheels. I'm especially fond of basic, industrial, simple steel wheels, and decided to go for that look, only with a slight graphic twist on the standard holes, which look especially nice when the wheels spin."

The end result is a car that looks uniquely luxurious, something the little econobox doesn't even get close to in stock trim.


'Fix the CR-Z'?

What's broken? I mean, the original CR-X was a neat little econo-car. Cool hatchback looks. Great mileage.

Seems the CR-Z hit the mark just fine.