Camaro ZL1 is one expensive bitch at $54,995

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We've seen the Camaro ZL1 looking pretty and rounding the Nürburgring in 7:41.27 and we've even peeked under its skirt. Now, ahead of the LA Auto Show, GM's released the vital numbers on its top-end Camaro to prove they're no one's bitch, least of all Ford's. It doesn't seem to be working.

The numbers game: GM says the 580-hp (556 lb.-ft) ZL1 will get from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (from the automatic, four flat with the six-speed manual), max out at 184 mph, deliver 1.0G on the skidpad and cost $54,995. That price includes a $900 delivery fee.


This compares to the newly revealed 2013 Mustang GT500, which puts out 650 hp and apparently pulls more than 1.0G on the skidpad. There's no price yet on the new GT500, but the 2012 version cost just $48,810.

GM says the ZL1 also does the quarter-mile in 12.1 sec at 119 mph 12.0 sec at 119 mph — from a cheater's start (rolling), though.

That price also includes the blown LSA V8, the same Performance Traction Management system found on the ZR1 (magnetic ride control, launch control, traction control, electronic stability control and electric power steering). It also gets the third generation Magnetic Ride suspension (the second generation is now fitted to the Corvette ZR1 and Cadillac CTS-V). Engineers have said the difference in how quickly the magnetorheological fluid firms up and releases, compared to the previous generation, is considerable, and played a big role in the car's 'Ring time.

Options: In addition to the base price, the ZL1's six options will add the following ducats to the sticker price:

• Six-speed automatic transmission with TapShift controls: $1,185
• 20-inch, bright aluminum wheel package: $470
• Power sunroof: $900
• Stripe package: $470
• Exposed-weave carbon fiber hood insert: $600
• The suede package, including suede microfiber accents on the steering wheel, shift knob, and shift boot: $500


GM says the Camaro ZL1 coupe will land at dealerships in spring, 2012 as a 2012 model. The convertible will arrive in summer of 2012 as a 2013 model. GM hasn't announced pricing for the convertible yet.

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$55000 and they STILL haven't fixed the Camaro's REAL problems? STILL no visibility, STILL no T-tops! Shit that's almost CTS-V wagon territory right there. Almost as much as an M3 too.