Calling All Car Freaks: Jalopnik Needs Interns

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Like cars? Know how to work a computer without setting the building on fire? Can you communicate in English without getting into a fistfight? Jalopnik needs you!


It's that time of year again — the Jalopnik staff has a host of things to do but a decided lack of free time in which to do them. As a result, we're looking for interns. And you could be one of them.

Think you've got what it takes? We need people who are enthusiastic, people who are talented, people who are willing to exchange glowing letters of recommendation and/or a resume credit for a few months of hard work.


The Basic Requirements: You must be fluent in English. You must know how to type. You must be passionate about some, and preferably most, of the following: old cars, new cars, road racing, the automotive industry, rallying, drag racing, oval tracks, sports cars, trucks, exotics, tanks, engineering, the internet, humor, entertainment culture, history, candy, suicide-door Lincolns, El Caminos, loud guitar music, the cracketywhomp! of a finely tuned V-8, cruise nights, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, bacon, uncured maple bacon, turkey bacon, bacon-wrapped and deep-fried Twinkies, and anything having to do with Group B. (Note: This list is subject to change at any time.)

The Extra Special Bonus Requirements: Member of an automotive forum? Good. Member of several forums? Great. Moderate a forum? Fantastic. Familiarity with social media and a knowledge of the grassroots Internet is a plus, as is prior writing experience. Photoshop, design, and/or photography skills are always a plus.

Location: We're filling five positions — one in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco, one in Detroit, one in Houston, and one in New York City. In order to properly assist with Jalopnik field work/parachute drops/bombing raids/cupcake fundraisers, we need you to be in or close to one of those cities. If you think you're Jalop material but don't have the right zip code, never fear — if you're cool enough, we might let you in anyway.

Duration: February to August or thereabouts. Consider this a summer internship that starts early. Duration and hours are flexible, but not too flexible.


How to Apply: Email a resume and an introductory email (photography and short writing samples are appreciated, but not required) to Sam at the link below. If we like you, we'll call you and offer you candy. Don't tell your parents.

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I meet none of the requirements, but I drink scotch for breakfast. Am I hired? (You must provide the scotch.)