Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Jeep Wrangler decidedly less aggro

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Popular video game franchises, like popular cars, must undergo gradual improvements or risk becoming Sonic and the Black Knight. Since the 2012 Jeep Wrangler's better than the outgoing off-roader so, too, must the Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler improve for Modern Warfare 3.


These first photos of the new Jeep captured by Sidequesting at last weekend's Woodward Dream Cruise show a vehicle with all the same off-roading prowess and dark style, but without the awesome but slightly ridiculous mix of parts catalog choices (ahem Snorkel).

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Based on the new Wrangler Unlimited the biggest changes are up front where a new hood with mesh outlets (why not?) and a revised grille combines for a more cohesive and "modern" look. There's also a water-filled rear bumper for reasons not fully explained.

This isn't the final design as the MOPAR crew's still working up new decals and interior upgrades. Don't be surprised to see this Jeep waiting for you at Nikolai's safe house.

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BlazinAce 440 Magnum

Boy, do I miss the old glory days when Sonic was THE shit... Why do you do this Sega? Why do you keep releasing one game after the other, promising an enjoyable experience only to let everybody down the second said game, and it's main gimmicky concept, are revealed to the public? Did you honestly think this was ever a good idea? Did you actually have to release the game to realize it wasn't? Because it wasn't, you can be sure of that.

Now, I know what you're gonna say. When you try to innovate, gamers complain because the new style has nothing to do with Sonic, and when you go back to said old school style, gamers will complain because you didn't bring anything new to the series. But here's the catch, gamers aren't getting paid to make games, you are, so screw all that stuff and start over from the beginning. Take all the core elements that make Sonic what he is... or was... and make something new with them, but without giving in to throwbacks and gimmicks. Take the Hedgehog in a new direction, recreate the series if you must, hone the speed and the precision to perfection, but please, don't let Sonic waste away as a reference for crap on a car blog, even if it's Jalopnik. If the auto industry still has enough life in it to keep on making good, fast and fun sports cars, I don't see why you, Sega, has pretty much given up on releasing good, fast and fun Sonic games. Man up and fix this bastardization you created, before Sonic turns beige from all the meh.

And there you go. The most random, sincere rant to ever be posted on a car blog. Even if said blog is Jalopnik.