California Man Covers Car in 4,000 Christmas Lights, Puts the Rest of Us To Shame

Gif: Fox 5 San Diego (Instagram)

As a kid, I thought putting up holiday lights was part of adulthood. As an adult, I’m going on my second year as a homeowner and my second year with a black hole of a house during the holidays, and I haven’t felt a bit of shame. But one Fernando Acosta of California is making me feel like a real failure right now.

You see, Mr. Acosta likes Christmas and he likes to show it (he proclaimed his love for the holiday on Facebook), and in more than just the “Screw it, I just put this tree up and it’ll stay up until February if I want, because Lord knows it’s not going to fit back in the box it came in” type of way.

No, Acosta likes Christmas in a “I’m going to completely envelope my car with meticulously placed lights that twinkle in patterns” kind of way, and it’s a work of art. Just watch and feel the holiday spirit surge through you, no matter which holidays you may or may not celebrate in the next couple of months:


Fox 5 San Diego reports that Acosta’s Nissan Altima has 4,000 lights on it. He attached them with tape and drives the car around his home city of Escondido, California, Fox 5 said, but he wasn’t totally satisfied that he only got to 4,000.

From the story:

“I couldn’t put any more – need more space,” Acosta said in a Facebook comment. [...]

Acosta is known for taking his flashy ride to church on the 1500 block of Redwood Street during the holidays.

It’s also a big hit at the school where he drops of his kids and at other places around the San Diego County neighborhood. [...]

“My 5-year-old saw it the other night in the Target shopping center and he thought it was amazing and so happy to see it!,” Sofia Espino said. “Thank you hope I can show him up close soon.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to the heated debate I’m having with myself about whether to put my one measly Christmas tree up or not. It’s pretty and all, you know, but it’s also a nine-foot cat toy that could very well come crashing to the ground over the next month with feline assistance.

Maybe I’ll put a decorated car in my living room instead. I’m feeling inspired.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Middle-Aged Pedant Kinja Turtle

Is that road legal?

It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but surely that has to be in violation of some code.