Illustration for article titled California Cops Save Tiny Adorable Chihuahua From Certain Highway Doom

And now, it's time for your daily dose of vehicle-related D'AWWWW! Officers with the California Highway Patrol are being praised for rescuing a tiny chihuahua off Interstate 680 on Friday. An adorable tiny chihuahua to boot!


NBC Los Angeles reports that CHP officers got a call about a chihuahua running in lanes on northbound I-680 just south of North Main Street in Walnut Creek Friday afternoon.

When Officer Alex Edmon and his partner arrived, they found the mini-pooch running along the highway's concrete center divider. Who knows how the little joker got up there? I sure hope someone didn't just leave her there, because that would be horrible.


Edmon said he tried to lure the dog to him with some trail mix and treats, but the puppy was too scared to go for them. The two officers did manage to keep her from becoming roadkill until animal services arrived and took her to a shelter, where she's currently recovering.

The shelter says the dog is starting to come out of her shell a bit, and with any luck, will be restored to the normal chihuahua level of "total, constant nervous wreck." Great work, officers!

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