California Barn Find: 50 Vintage Cars, All Up For Sale!

A cache of over 50 vintage cars, mostly British, have gone up for sale from a mysterious southern California collector who's decided to liquidate. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

We were initally quite leery about post this here for fear of bankrupting readers, but it's too good not to. After years of collecting and planning to restore his cars, this patron of Project Car Hell-age has decided he'd amassed a pile of cars so hellish, so challenging he'd never be able to get to them all, so he's now entertaining offers through the good folks at Bring A Trailer. This collection represents a lifetime of hoarding, and since it's all in Southern California in Nipomo, there's probably a whole lot of pristine and rare sheet metal here.


A short list, to drive the spikes in:

  • MGA
  • Austin Healey 100/4 (2)
  • Ford Torino 429 Super Cobra jet cars (2)
  • Datsun Z
  • TR 3
  • Lotus Europa
  • Corvair
  • Austin A40 (2)
  • Hillman
  • Lagonda 2.6 drophead
  • Ford Consol Capri (2)
  • TR7 (3)
  • 1938 Hillman drophead 1,900 original miles
  • Jaguar MK7 Chassis car known as Le Dwarie (I think)
  • Rover V8
  • Triumph Standard 10
  • Midget (8)
  • MGB Gt
  • Bugeye (3)
  • Singer (2)
  • Spitfire (2)
  • AC Buckland
  • Jaguar MK 1
  • Jaguar MK8
  • Dauphine race car
  • Alvis race car
  • Unknown race cars (2)
  • Jowett Jupiter (2)

And numerous others…

Terrifying isn't it? BaT has put together a complete full screen slide show of all the vehicles in this mad man's hands and will put you in touch if you see something you can't live without. We're very sorry, but the Renault Dauphine race car is totally ours. [Bring A Trailer]

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