Cadillac is working with Dallara for the chassis, like it did for the outgoing DPi-V.R prototype, but with any luck the Project GTP car won’t follow its older sibling’s naming convention. Even “Project GTP” is a lot more pronounceable with a human mouth than “Dee pee eye dash vee dot are.” I’m not asking for it to be called the Catera (at least, not explicitly), but something that sounds like a car rather than a barcode would be nice.


The Project GTP in the video is devoid of any obvious logos or decals, but its colors closely match the scheme run by the existing Mustang Sampling Cadillac IMSA team. Look closely as the video pans over the car’s side — Cadillac’s black and silver are subtly accented with Mustang Sampling’s bronze around the window and on the wheels.

The Project GTP prototype will make its first race appearance at the Rolex 24 at Daytona next January, running a “new Cadillac engine package” alongside the spec GTP hybrid setup. Cadillac hasn’t specified what this engine package might be, but the exhaust note in the video certainly sounds brawny — please, homologate it.