Cadillac XTS Is The New Cadillac Concept

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Some outlets speculate on three-letter Cadillac naming conventions. Jalopnik brings you proof. This shot, taken today of GM's official show display, shows the concept revealed last night is, in fact, the STS/DTS-replacing Cadillac XTS — the Metamucil of Cadillacs.

The XTS will supposedly be built on the Epsilon II platform, the same architecture underneath the Opel Insignia, Buick LaCrosse, the new Buick Regal and the likely-will-never-come-to-pass Saab 9-5. I saw a styling buck of this very concept six months ago at a no-cameras, twitter-allowed press event at GM's Warren Design Center and that big ol' Caddy took styling cues directly from the old '03 Cadillac Sixteen concept and was light-years better-looking than the current boats it'll replace. We're looking forward to seeing it up close in Detroit.

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filth Farker

Ray, did I miss something? How do we know that the XTS will be Metamucil? Just because it's replacing Metamucil?