Cadillac XT4 V-Sport and a Mystery Car Show Up on Cadillac's Website

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When Cadillac isn’t busy trying to sort out its strategy for the future again amid a move back to Michigan from New York, it’s posting a whole bunch of potential hints at what’s cooking behind closed doors in photos on the Cadillac XT4 website, including an XT4 V-Sport and a mystery coupe.

The first photo of interest shows a little “V” badge on the back end of a XT4 sketch, as GM Authority pointed out, suggesting that a XT4 V-Sport could be in the works.


I don’t really see Cadillac doing a lot for performance upgrades on its compact crossover, so maybe it’s just a potential trim package that makes it look a little more aggressive. It also could just be something that came up in the design stage of the car and is not even destined for production.

What’s more interesting is the clay model of what appears to be some sort of coupe just hanging out back there in one of these images:


Back in July, we saw patent renderings of what looked to be a concept or production design for a CT5 coupe, but that had a relatively straight shoulder line and the one in the shot above looks much more curved.

It also doesn’t look like the ATS Coupe or anything else we’ve seen from Cadillac recently, so maybe we’ll see it soon. We could also never see it, as plans change at Cadillac. That would be sort of sad.