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Cadillac Won't Kill Its Superluxury Car, It'll Make A Truck: Report

Illustration for article titled Cadillac Wont Kill Its Superluxury Car, Itll Make A Truck: Report

We have long been waiting for a $100,000-and-up Cadillac super luxury car to take on the Mercedes S Class and the like. One report suggests that won’t happen. Another believes we should expect even more.


GM Inside News spoke with a sourceintimate with Cadillac’s projected product cadence” who expects a super luxurious sedan and SUV in the $200,000 to $300,000 range, the latter of which to take on the likes of the new Bentley Bentayga. From GM Inside:

Our source, who is intimate with Cadillac’s projected product cadence, says it is looking to launch an ultra-lux SUV and sedan in the $250-300,000 range, with both penciled to appear before the end of the next decade.


When I last contacted Cadillac about the rumor they were canceling the luxury sedan mentioned in this report, all I got was a hazy reminder that 11 new Cadillacs will launch by 2020.

Additionally, anybody listening to rap for the past couple years know that rappers aren’t rapping about Escalades anymore. The new Bentley truck is what’s occupying that kind of headspace. In a sense, this superlux SUV from Cadillac would make sense, a kind of return to form that fits not only with the company’s status, but also into the cheap-gas-cash-cow SUV segment. We’ve heard this kind of rumor before.

Who knows what’s really going on with the sedan, but an up-market SUV would play well for the brand when every other luxury automaker is moving that direction. We’ll have to just wait to see.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Andrew P. Collins

I know “Cadillac has come a long way” but it’s hard to imagine a $200,000 product coming out of their shop... ever?