Cadillac Targeting Coveted Dead Person Market with XT5

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Given that I’m just barely experiencing my first quarter-life crisis, I haven’t given much thought to what I’d like to happen when I finally kick the bucket—but I can’t say I have big aspirations for my last ride ever to be in a crossover. Cadillac, though, thinks differently. Namely that its XT5 would make one hell of a sick hearse.

Cadillac has been slowly phasing out some of its products: the ATS, the CTS, now the XTS. Those models could easily be replaced with the XT5, according to Jason Sledziewski, Cadillac’s director of product marketing, in an interview with Motor1. And, given that the XTS was Cadillac’s model for things like hearses and limos, it looks like the XT5 will be picking up the mantle.

From the interview:

“An XTS could be turned into a hearse – that can be done with an XT5. It’s physically possible, we had people do it, so there’s opportunity for that,” Sledziewski says. “I think as we exit XTS, and position CT6 differently, it doesn’t mean our portfolio can’t accommodate those sorts of vehicles. They just might be other vehicles than people otherwise thought.”

There’s space for, like, at least four bodies back there.
There’s space for, like, at least four bodies back there.
Photo: Cadillac

Considering the age demographics of Caddy buyers, I suppose I could see how a hearse-version of a daily driver could be appealing, but not to me. Though by the time I’d find myself in the back of a XT5 hearse, my days of worrying about staying true to The Cars will be at an end. The crossovers just have to be patient.

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carter [road salt disliker]

This is why I’m having my ashes put in a coffee can. I’m not going to spend my whole life avoiding crossovers only to be carried to my final resting place in one.