Cadillac Showed Dealers Plans For Convertible, New Small Sedan

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Cadillac has big plans that go beyond just a strange new naming system. They're also planning an onslaught of new models, including a range-topping flagship and a smaller crossover. Interestingly, a new convertible and sub-ATS sedan may be in the cards too.

That's from Automotive News, reporting on a recent secret meeting between General Motors executives like new Cadillac bossman Johan De Nysschen and select groups of car dealers.


They say the Cadillac folks showed off "a slew of future vehicles" to the dealers to indicate the brand's direction, some of which may be just under consideration and some which may be set for production. Cadillac officials wouldn't confirm officially.

Unlike the last Cadillac convertible, the Corvette-based XLR, the droptop shown to dealers would be built on the Alpha platform used by the ATS and CTS sedans, as well as the next Camaro. Considering the Camaro has long had a convertible variant, this plan makes a lot of sense.

The dealers were also told of plans for a small crossover, a bigger crossover that slots between the SRX and Escalade, and — most intriguingly — a smaller sedan to sit below even the ATS.

All three of those last cars are in strong-selling segments, and an even smaller entry-level sedan would do battle with the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA — two cars selling exceptionally well right now. And when we had a Q&A with Cadillac's chief global marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus, he said he'd like to see such a car remain rear-wheel drive like the majority of their lineup. I think we can probably bet that's somewhere in the pipeline.


As for the convertible, who knows? It's not clear whether that would be a CTS or ATS convertible or some new model. Plus, the 'vert market isn't exactly a volume one. If this is something Cadillac wants to do, we have to assume it's not a top priority like other cars are.

Still, cool things coming from Cadillac soon. By the time they get here, we may even have their names figured out.

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So no Elmiraj or Ciel but a Chevy Sonic in a Cadillac Frock? What the hell is going on here?