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Cadillac Removes More Cadillac From Its Logo

The minimalist, black-and-white logo will adorn the automaker's electric vehicles.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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There was a time when automakers really dedicated themselves to the logo flourish, slapping on fancy colors, cursive writing, or classical-inspired icons — but that time is not now. Cadillac has yet again trimmed down its logo to signify its upcoming electric future. Now, its logo will be entirely black and white.

Cadillac has already been displaying this logo on its website and social media, and a backlit version debuted on the electric Lyriq prototype. The Lyriq will then be the first Caddy to carry the new logo — but if the company’s electrification plans are serious, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the colorless design on the roads.


Cadillac isn’t the only automaker to have made the switch to a more minimalist logo lately. Kia, Volkswagen, and Volvo have all trimmed back the excess — but Cadillac has always been different. This is a further departure from the old ritzy-looking logos that connoted a kind of classical-but-art-deco aesthetic befitting a luxury brand.

The automaker pared away flourishes like crowns and laurel wreaths in 2014, leaving behind a badge of chrome, yellow, red, and black that suggested Cadillac heritage without the need for anything too over-the-top. Now, with this new logo, that color is gone. In its place is a monochromatic badge.


The colored crest isn’t being retired just yet. A Cadillac spokesperson told Fox News Auto that new combustion cars will retain their pops of color, adding, “The new crest along with our new tagline ‘Be Iconic’ represent Cadillac’s desire to champion each of us to dream big and become the most aspirational version of ourselves.”

So, we have just under nine more years of color left, since Cadillac confirmed earlier this year that all of its new production models will be electric as of 2030.