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We've been laughing at the SNL skit "Dick In A Box" all week, even more so after NBC embraced the edginess of the Justin Timberlake sketch by releasing the "uncensored" version onto YouTube and NBC's own site. We were even more interested to see who would drop the marketing dough to get it's brand associated with such a member-filled box of musical goodness. It turns out not only is it an auto badge, it's one we'd normally never expect to be going after the internet generation— Cadillac! That's right, they're going for life, liberty and the pursuit of kids looking to catch a glimpse of JT's banana in a box — and with a very peculiar vehicle. As you can see from the picture above, it's the DTS — the biggest of the big sedans Caddy sells. Maybe the text under the video about giving "the biggest gift of all" doesn't mean anything in a box, but rather giving someone a Caddilac style gift? Talk about a December to remember — first a caddy, and then a dick in a box.

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