Cadillac Gives Up On Big Flagship Luxury Sedan: Report

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Cadillac, the company that told us they were going to go back to being the standard of the world, has given up on the idea of a top-of-the-line flagship car, according to a news report. Blame the SUVs.

It was to be called the Cadillac CT8, a competitor to the Mercedes S-Class and all those other plutocrats’-car-of-choice luxobarges. AutoLine reports its death:


Ever since the first Bush administration we have been waiting for a big, brash, wonderful old Cadillac to return. We got the CT6, which is a very good and fine machine, but it’s still sensibly sized and sensibly priced.


We do not want sensible from Cadillac. We want vast and deafening excess, and Cadillac doesn’t seem interested in giving it to us in sedan form. Or at least, it can’t, because people are too busy buying SUVs and trucks instead of sedans. We’ll always have the Escalade for our excess, thankfully.

We’ve reached out to Cadillac for comment and will update if we get one.

UPDATE: We got in touch, and Cadillac’s spokesperson declined to comment on future products.