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In a recent TV spot for Cadillac, a quartet of hipster goofballs in skinny ties pulls up to a diner in a DTS sedan. Once parked, they're confronted by a similar gang of craggy late-fiftysomethings in Jhane Barnes casualwear, apparently on break from a Cialis shoot. Noticing their young counterparts have arrived in the same type of Caddy sedan in which they're leaving, one of the elders says in his best Dennis Hopper, "I see you're drivin' a Cadillac." One of the youngsters replies, in that irony-tinged pattern of speech that signifies a true douchebag, "And I see you're doing the very same."


After an awkward beat, one of the grizzled lot — who looks strikingly like ex-footballer Jim Brown, minus the dashiki — delivers the punchline, "Welcome to the world of gentlemen, gentlemen." Cadillac is trying for the double win here, making the multiplicitous statements that A.) The DTS is a car for older men, but B.) Older men are not irrelevant, C.) Young guys are self-aware to know they're not as hip as they think they are, and D.) The DTS is workable as an ironic statement car for guys who spent 10th grade memorizing lines from "Swingers." It's a tall order. Normally, all that brand confusion would be the death knell for a sedan (see Buick), but with the DTS, the dual polarity just cancels itself out.

Now, you can just pick one up and loll down the road, knowing that barely anyone fell for Cadillac's hail-mary ad ploy, and you've basically got the DTS to yourself. Cadillac's offering $4000 cash back and zero-percent financing up to 60 months. Have at it, gentlemen. [via MSN Autos]


TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah


I have fit a full sized standing tool box into the trunk of a Grand Prix GT before though. Its about 5 and half feet tall, 3 feet wide, 2 3/4 foot deep. Give for take.

But for real, how often do you haul the 8 foot table, and how often do you haul people? We could toss that 8 foot table into our 98 GMC Jimmy, minus the bit that sticks out. Nothing that tie straps wont hold.