Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Racer Muscles Onto iRacing Roster

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Racing-game mavens who hanker for a bit of upscale American style now have one fewer reason to leave the basement: Cadillac's big-assed badass CTS-V Coupe race car will soon be available for the immersive iRacing MMO racing simulator.


Setup of the virtual racer was done with the close cooperation of Cadillac and Pratt & Miller Engineering, which builds the real-life cars just outside of Detroit. iRacing's standard micrometer-precise modeling will be matched with high-grade recordings of the CTS-V's engine at work.


We've gone on at length before about the good (it's great preparation for real life racing) and bad (it will completely take over your life) of iRacing. Adding a new car to the series is a laborious process, but addictions can be demanding and ravenous things. So please remember: While you're practicing to replace Andy Pilgrim or Johnny O'Connell (dream on, game boy) drink some water once in a while, at least.

Photo Credit: GM/iRacing

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I've never understood that upside down spoiler.