The Generally-obsessed fan-boys at GMInsideNews have finally analyzed every frame of the second video detailing the journey of the BMW 3 Series-fighting Cadillac ATS from concept to reality.

The latest detail? All-wheel drive. We'll let GMI take over from here:

In the second episode, ATS's lead development engineer Chris Berube announced that the team has two weeks to nail down the details on the chassis tuning, getting it ready for final certification back home. The video goes on showing clips of engineers pouring over every part of the car, looking at data on laptops, playing with different chin spoilers, swapping out different tires, and talking about tweaking the steering inputs. You see some ATSs on the highway, dealing with traffic, making sure it has the ability to remain stable while traveling at high rates of speed and dealing with normal-road conditions. It isn't till the 1:50 mark do you get a glimpse of an ATS that seems to be lifted slightly off the ground and all of a sudden the front wheels start to spin.

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