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C/D Drinks Up All the Hennessey John's Got On His Shelf: Grand Cherokee SRT600

Illustration for article titled C/D Drinks Up All the Hennessey Johns Got On His Shelf: Grand Cherokee SRT600

The Grand Cherokee SRT8 is already somewhat of a sleeper. Certainly, those in the know recognize its prodigious performance. But what happens when one sends one's Jeep off to Hennessey for a 27k tune-up? Epic soccer-mom-look hoonage available at a stab of the loud pedal to the tune of 620hp and 650 turbocharged torques. Car and Driver recently took one out for a spin, and the boys from Ann Arbor point out that it's quicker than practically anything one can buy for the price, hammering not only its ber-ute bretheren, but such warp-velocity steeds as the Lamborghini Gallardo; it's only off the much-lighter Z06's quarter-mile time by half a second. What's more, optioned judiciously, the beastie comes in under 70 large.


2007 Hennessey Grand Cherokee SRT600 [Car and Driver]

Take off Your Turbos: New Hennessey Viper at SEMA [Internal]

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God bless DU, and Coach Z.

Peach and Humptiness forever.

Also, take the care. Oh, and by that I mean, like, uh, tender lovin' care, not...not, uh, take my automobile. A lot of times people have trouble understandin'.