Byton, Which Wants To Be The Anti-Tesla, Will Introduce A Sedan Soon

Photo: Byton

Byton, which I used to think was pronounced “bite-ON” but is in fact pronounced “BITE-in,” will be introducing a second car in June in Shanghai at CES Asia, the company said Monday. The car will be a sedan, following on Byton’s introduction of its Byton Concept SUV in January.

The company strives to be the opposite of Tesla, with co-founder Daniel Kirchert saying in January that, “We’re trying to be humble and down to Earth ... We want to have the product speak for itself,” in what was a thinly-veiled shot at Elon Musk’s company.


Still, the company is Tesla-esque in that they are now announcing a new product without having totally followed through on a previous one. In this case, that’s a sedan, which they released teaser images of on Monday. It looks very sedan-y and also appears to have a handle on the top.

Photo: Byton

There’s one more photo, too, which shows, well, something. I honestly don’t know what part of the car this is. Deputy Editor Michael Ballaban suggested that it was “the microwave”; Managing Editor Erin Marquis said it was, “the part that becomes the face when it turns into a Decipticon.”


You can expect the car to have the “coast-to-coast” screen of the SUV, in addition to screens pretty much everywhere else, as is Byton’s wont. And also the weird thing on the roof. The second photo suggests it will probably be cameras, and Byton has said that the SUV will hit the ground running with Level 3 autonomy. Still, having a car with a handle for no reason would be cool.

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