New Civic Sport trim
Photo: Honda

The 2019 Honda Civic lineup has undergone a very moderate update, with tweaked styling around the bumpers, new wheel options, updated headlights and, graciously, a new Sport trim with an honest, real physical volume knob replacing the old, annoying volume slider.

Considering most of the Civic is basically unchanged, the 2019 model should still be a pretty good car. Replacing the previous controls, which manifested from hell as an awkward sliding-touch level on the side of the infotainment touchscreen, with a real knob on this new Sport trim will only make a good car better.


There is no image of this saving grace of a knob, just yet. We have to take Honda’s word on it.

Additionally, the Sport’s infotainment screen is an updated 7-inch. It also gets a special Type R inspired centered single exhaust at the back. It’s positioned between the LX and EX trims in the Civic lineup, and now all Civic trims get forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control as standard.

Sport trim
Photo: Honda
Updated Coupe and Sedan
Photo: Honda

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