By Invitation Only: Mercedes Launches Co-Branded Credits Card. Plus, Forbes Auto on Automaker Cards.

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"Gotta make the money / credit's no good / when the Jawas run the shop / in your neighborhood"
Fett's Vette might be paid in cash, but things would be different if our the legendary bounty hunter had a Mercedes-Benz Visa. Credit cards with car rewards are nothing new, but the Mercedes card is different because they're only offering the card to Mercedes-Benz owners, instead of any Mike, Davey, or Ray that walks in off the street. With the Benz card, you get more points for spending money at the dealership. Forbes Auto has the whole skinny on why automakers love co-branded credit cards (well give this one away: loyalty), and an overview of all the different programs.

Automaker Cards Offer Consumers Points for Brand Loyalty [Forbes Auto]

Get Your Mini Carded [internal]


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