Are you just sick to death of having to pay so much attention while driving? Sick of that tedious view out that big window above the radio? Well, you’re in luck: most car manufacturers have reportedly agreed to install automatic emergency braking systems on nearly all cars by 2022.

Reuters reports the National Highway Traffic Safety’s deal, which was just finalized and includes the companies that sell 99 percent of US-market light vehicles (including, Ford, GM, Toyota, Fiat, Volkswagen, and Honda, among others) will be officially announced tomorrow.


Finally, right? Who has the time to step on a brake pedal every time you’re about to rear-end someone or run over a pedestrian?

Emergency brake systems are already available on a number of cars, where they usually accompany their emergency braking with big, alarming red lights and some jarring alert sounds.

They’ve proven to be effective at preventing about 20 percent of low-speed collisions (which is more than 75 percent of crashes), so it would be nice to have these systems across the automotive spectrum, not just an option on premium models.

It’s another glorious day for those of you who love consequence-free driving inattentiveness.


Everyone else, though, eyes on the road, okay?

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