AutoGuide’s Craig Cole is as far from being Chris Harris’ Detroit-based cousin as its humanly possible, but he still explains perfectly why you should get a Chevrolet SS if you have the means.


The Chevy SS is one of the great cars nobody is buying, and that’s a real shame because it’s an honest piece of kit with a great suspension and enough V8 grunt to tear its competition a new one. Not that it has any real direct competitors, because while some equally powerful rear-wheel drive sedans come with automatic gearboxes only, the SS has the same six-speed manual as the Dodge Viper.

It also comes with the Corvette’s magnetic dampers and a nice enough interior to make you forget how boring it looks from the outside. Also, how else could you own a proper Holden?

But really, it’s all about those 415 foot pounds linked to the will of your left foot. And burnouts. Lots of burnouts. The SS doesn’t need a special button for that.

Have you ever seen one that isn’t gray?


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