Buy Your Next Car Based On These Crash Tests With A 9,000 Pound Wrecking Ball

The world is getting more dangerous day by day, and who knows what horrifying realities await us in the future. If you truly want to be prepared when shopping for your next car, base your next purchase on the results of these crash tests with a 9,000 pound wrecking ball.

The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube are known for destroying shit and slowing it down so it looks disturbingly satisfying. Their latest video is an ad for the second season of The Grand Tour, but it’s still educational for those having to drive through extremely precarious deconstruction sites on a regular basis. We’ve all seen the latest Fast and Furious movie.

Smashing big cars with a giant wrecking ball is the sort of unchecked power I could only dream about back in my Hot Wheels and LEGO City days.


The Buick LeSabre seems to have held up surprisingly well, showing that it’s probably ideal to try and get the giant wrecking ball to hit you as low as possible. The Honda Element surprised me, considering it doesn’t have a traditional door pillar protecting the passengers.

Definitely the most terrifying test included the BMW 325 convertible, which got the ball dropped on it from above. The good thing is you’d likely be a puddle before any pain receptors could fire off in your brain.

Of course none of the physical damage really matters, as the amount of energy coming in with this sort of impact would jelly your brain and twist your insides, whether or not it actually hit you directly. Nonetheless, you are now a more informed shopper.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Destroying shit for the sake of destroying it just irritates the shit outta me.