How would you say you're doing on the whole "making your wildest dreams come true" front? Like most schlubs, the answer is probably "not great, PG, but thanks for reminding me what a failure I am." The good news is that you can achieve some of those crazy dreams with the help of this used Mercedes.

Up for grabs on eBay is this 1979 Mercedes-Benz SLC, going as of this writing for a mere $1,525. The car has 164,000 miles on it, but also all the standard SL-Class accouterments like a 4.5-liter V8, automatic transmission and brown leather interior.

It also has magical dream-achieving powers, as described by the photos in the ad. Want to give the Pope a ride? Chill in front of the Taj Mahal? Compete in NASCAR? Help James Bond take down some villains? Hang out in motherfuckin' space? Then this is the car you want.

As you can see, this is the vehicle of choice for spy missions, special events, daredevil stunts, competitive motorsports, travel, satellite communications or just a romantic evening with Agent 006.9. Everywhere I go ladies are literally taking their clothes off and crawling all over this vehicle. Forget about keeping the windows clean - I had to remain inside while the cheerleaders at the carwash scrubbed the roof wearing, clear stiletto heels, bikini bottoms, and soapy wet tank tops. I dont know if it is the thick muscular throaty V-8, the long lasting performance, the superb handling or its mature experienced luxurious, and rather calm distinguished demeanor. Rumor has it, this is the original Hollywood stunt vehicle used during the making of well known action movies starring John Konnery - a famous british secret service agent.


Wow. I've long been a fan of John Konnery's work. That's incredible. And just check the list of options:

Options include: heat seeking missles, ultrasonic doppler rangefinder, laser targeting, heads up display, passenger side ejector seat, 20mm cannons, retractable landing gear, submarine package, external drop fuel tanks, a high bypass turbofan powerplant, vertical take off and landing capability, marine outdrive, retractable oxygen masks, a button which reads "Hazard" and another button which says "Never Push This Button" The bumpers are long luscious well toned and shapely - they extend all the way to her wheel wells. She is dripping in polished chrome, has bias ply radials that survive tank mines and the original eleven inch thick body armor which withstands a direct hit from a Panzer round.

You would be stupid not to buy this car! Someone needs to give it a new home... if they think they can handle the adventures.



Hat tip to Stroke-a-loke!