Buy This Sportbike Powered Go-Cart At Your Own Risk

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If you’re looking for a way to shatter your left radius and ulna at the same time, this 600cc homebrewed go kart could be just the ticket. It looks like it would be an absolute bucket of good times and happiness, and it probably is. That is, until the eventuality that you get too comfortable in it and attempt something stupid like a full throttle sliding turn that grabs a rut and sends you tumbling ass over teakettle.


According to the ad, this kart was originally built for the guy’s children, but as it turns out “This isn’t the gocart you hand over to your kids, it’s the one you hand over to the primary life insurance holder.” It’s such a bad idea, the seller has listed it as a 1992 Yamaha Wife Was Right 600. At least he has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

The chassis is “a couple go cart frames thrown together”, and the engine is an unknown Yamaha 600. It is possibly from a FZR600 sport bike, which would give this kart approximately 89 frickin’ horsepower. My old Porsche doesn’t even have that much horsepowers. This thing must feel like a rocket ship. But don’t worry, because it has disk brakes!


The seller says that they don’t know the top speed of this ridiculous project, but it’s presumably quite high. They have certainly tested the roll strength of the cage, however, as it’s been scientifically tested in a controlled environment. Might I suggest that if you buy this ridiculous thing, you install a windscreen, taller sills, perhaps with an extra door bar, and most importantly, put some damn window nets in this bitch.


If you don’t, this might happen. 


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