Buy this 2,700 HP Corvette boat for $1.7 million

Superboat builder Marine Technology, Inc. has cranked out a flotilla of oddly themed speedboats over the past few years, from Mercedes SLR wraps to Looney Tunes. But this latest effort — a 2,700-hp deathboat styled with Corvette cues and badges — somehow works.

Built with Corvette parts and carbon fiber, the ZR48 could pass for the Dark Knight's navy. Power comes from a pair of twin-turbo Mercury Marine V8s good for 1,350 hp each.


If the engines are too loud, there's a 8,000-watt sound system, built into another engine block and hooked up to an Apple TV and mobile WiFi. The cockpit — accessed from an electric sliding canopy — can hold six, as the pilot steers with an authentic C6 dash, showing that adherence to the theme trumped any aesthetic concerns.

But wait, there's more. Since MTI superboats are too wide to be hauled on most roads, they need a custom trailer to safely tilt the boat on its side.

And who wants a plain old trailer when you can instead create a mechanic's shop/rolling DJ booth with a generator, power washer, engine flush system, five TVs and 900 LED lights for that ground-effect glow all the girls go crazy for.


Sure, some of you would look this whole package over, see the asking price of $1.7 million and wonder not only whether it was worth it, but ask who would spend that much cheddar on such an expensive toy. Clearly you've never been wealthy enough to understand how money can expand your horizons. And you'll never be Batman.

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