Buy P71 Crown Vic, Get Cop Stuff!

When you buy a towed-away car from a city auction, you get all the stuff in the car that wasn't ripped off by various city employees prior to the auction. But I figured, when heading to the government-vehicle auction, that the County Sheriffs would do a pretty good job of clearing out their crap from their cars before they let them go. Not so; my Crown Victoria came with a trunk full of police stuff, including big stacks of police paperwork plus the following...


Parole Handbook And Piss Sample Box
Actually, I got about 20 of the piss sample kits (thankfully, none contained piss). The Parole Information Handbook is full of helpful tips- did you know that not only are parolees prohibited from packing brass knuckles, they can't have knuckles made of any metal? Tough luck, wannabe recidivists, the ol' zinc-knucks trick won't work in the Golden State.

The Crime Kingpin's MR2
I'm assuming this blurry Polaroid was shot at a crime scene, especially since the next shot seems to be the same car.


The Kingpin's Tools Of Evil
Just put the damning evidence on the MR2's engine cover. Yeah, thought you could pack a can of Right Guard, did you? Not in this county, creep!


See What MR2 Ownership Leads To?
No way to tell if this guy has anything to do with the MR2 in the other two shots, but it makes for a better narrative to assume he's the mid-engined-Toyota-driving Kingpin, now back at HQ to rat out his X-1/9-driving accomplices.

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