Buy Five Of Ducati's Greatest Superbikes With One Check For $90,000

If you want to own a decade and a half of Ducati's most sought after superbikes, you could scour Craiglist, comb through eBay, and wade through forums. Or you could just cut a check for $92,500 and get five in one fell swoop. See? Easy.

Spring cleaning apparently came early for one wealthy Ducati obsessive who's offering up five of his rides – both standard and limited editions – for sale.


Here's what's on offer from his Craigslist post (with better pics):

1997 916 - 9,200 miles

2002 998S Ben Bostrom - 3,200 miles


2004 999R Fila - 2,100 miles


2008 1098R - 1,500 miles


2013 1199R - 500 miles


Judging by the ultra-low mileage on some of the newer bikes, it's obvious these have been spending more time a climate-controlled garage than being flogged or tracked. The seller claims all service has been done by Ducati and each bike comes with the original records, books, and tools.

The only thing missing from the list is a 996, which you could pick up for a song to complete the 16-year spread. And we're guessing some negotiation could get him down to $90k for the lot.

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