His space vehicles, being not yet for sale, will have to wait. For now, Elon Muskā€™s 1994 Dassault Falcon 900 will have to do. The price? ā€œMake an offer.ā€

Apparently the plane went up for sale back in March this year, but it popped up on our radar thanks to Ed Niedermeyerā€™s Twitter feed.

Hm. Was it his plea plane?

Top speed is something above Mach 0.8, seating is for 12.


The plane comes with Honeywell TFE731-5BR turbofan propulsion, it features a delightfully ā€˜90s fake wood interior, and yes, it does have autopilot. Would Musk settle for anything less?

Perhaps most importantly, the pilot and co-pilot sit snug in the finest of pelts. Musk should consider offering regular Teslas with such a feature.


Buy it and dream of the day when you will be able to send a post to 1 Rocket Road (the address put on the listing) and send away for a space plane.