Buy A Particle Accelerator, Get Seven Free Lamborghinis

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In a deal of the century conspicuously like the movie Deal Of The Century, someone's selling a $17.5 million cargo-scanning particle accelerator on eBay. The bonus? Seven Lamborghinis for free! Plus, it's guaranteed to "not kill a stowaway." UPDATE!

Yes, this fine Aracor Eagle mobile cargo inspection device is a giant CT scanner that can roll past cargo trucks, shipping crates, and the like while imaging what's inside. It's a steal at $17.5 million given what it can do and its ability to not kill stowaways and the free shipping to the deep water port of your choice. Oh, and did we mention the seven Lamborghinis that come with it? No? Here's the details:

For the buy it now price, we will deliver the Eagle to any deep water port; and give to the buyer or broker making the sale a collection of 7 Lamborghini's from 1971 to 2009. (One Espada, 1971; Five Murcielago's, 2002, 2003, 2003, 2005, 2005; and one LP640, 2009). This way you can help your country and yourself.


We'd be suspect about the whole deal, but they provided a satellite photo from yesterday and it qualifies for eBay Buyer Protection so... we're in!

UPDATE: The seller appreciates everyone's enthusiasm for the Eagle (and the poetry) and will soon send some photos of the Lamborghinis for the curious. He's also promised a reward to Jalopnik if this posting leads to the purchase of said scanner. No word on what it is, but a guy selling seven Lamborghinis clearly has fun stuff lying around his garage. Call all the deep water ports you know!

Here are the Lamborghinis:

(Note: Saleen S7 and Ferrari 512BB not included)

[eBay Motors]

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