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Regular readers know, the Jalopnik obsession with various manner of "el caminos" has been out of control for months now. (We've obviously made generic the name of Chevrolet's erstwhile pickup-car to denote any car with a pickup bed.) Managing the onslaught of "caminos" that storm the Jalopnik e-mail box daily is tough even for three guys with dubious day jobs to handle. That's why we've teamed up with motor enthusiast social network site Motortopia โ€” "a kick-ass MySpace for cars" โ€” to take our (and our readers') camino craziness to even greater extremes. As such, we're proud to jointly launch our Rate-a-Camino Contest. Send in found pics of such bedded-cars (of any brand), along with your full name, age, contact information and any details you can provide on the car, such as, where you found it and any other features the picture may not show, to Get 'em in soon โ€” submission period ends July 18. 2006 at Noon (EST). After the caminos are in place, they'll be subject to public rating Motortopia. After a period of two weeks, he (or she) who sent in the camino with the highest ranking will win a $50 gift certificate from eBay Motors. [See Gawker contest rules here.] Updates to follow.

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