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Bush Mechanics: Car Talk Meets Crocodile Dundee

Illustration for article titled Bush Mechanics: emCar Talk/em Meets emCrocodile Dundee/em

If you've ever wondered how to fix a flat in the middle of the Australian Outback with no tools or spare parts, or recharge a battery over a campfire, Bush Mechanics is the show for you.

The 2001 show, made by the Aboriginal Warlpipi tribe of north-central Australia, ran for four episodes to wide acclaim in Australia. The Outback makes American junkyards look like heaven's own used-car lot. (Thanks to Scoutch!) [Bush Masters]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Oi Justin, it's Warlpiri, not Warlpipi.

I've used the 'stuff savannah grass into a flat tyre' trick before on my trail-bike.

The best trick was when they got a hole in the radiator. They smashed up an old car battery and melted it's lead down in a hub cap over the fire and just poured molten lead over the hole in the radiator.

Some outback survival skills are taught in primary schools here in Oz. We were taught how to locate water and even purify water using fairly basic objects.