Bus Driver Says She Crashed Because She Was Sneezing

A bus driver in Newton, Mass. crashed into the fence over the Massachusetts Turnpike on Sunday, injuring herself and some passengers, but not critically. The driver blamed a sneezing fit for causing her to lose control of the bus. Police, understandably, are skeptical about that.

The Boston Globe reports that the 42-year-old driver Shanna Shaw had an allergy attack and was sneezing at the time of the crash. But investigators are continuing to investigate whether Shaw was actually using her phone while driving, which is a big no-no.


As absurd as the sneezing story sounds, it's apparently more common that you think (OK, than I thought). Boston Magazine pulled up instances where sneezing was a factor in people losing control of vehicles.

Even so, Shaw's story isn't helping her cause right now. She's now had her license revoked and is suspended from the MBTA without pay.

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