Burglars Decide To Steal Bentley Watches Instead Of Bentley Cars

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Those who run luxury car dealerships take extra precautions to make sure cars costing well over $100,000 don't get swiped in the middle of the night. And even those measures are worthless when thieves just drive the car off the lot. So why don't they lock down other expensive stuff sitting in the showroom?


Apparently, the people running Symbolic Motor Car Company in La Jolla, Calif. didn't lock up their Breitling for Bentley watches securely enough, because they were stolen in the middle of the night. U-T San Diego reports the dealership was burglarized early yesterday morning.


In the surveillance video, you can see the second thief going through the smashed glass doors and nearly slipping on the floor, holding onto two Continental GTs for balance. It's a little funny. But San Diego police say they believe the two knew exactly what they were going for and smashed the case with the watches and walked out.

San Diego police say the watches were worth more than $100,000 and damage to two cars and the building is estimated at $50,000.

Breitling for Bentley is a series of watches with more badges than the usual Breitling, modeled by David Beckham and even more douchey. Apparently they're very exclusive, according to the website, so they should be easy for the police to track down.

Now a new Bentley isn't as exclusive, so these thieves probably would've been better off taking one of those.

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Erzhik Tem

I guess they didn't see the sign.