Bumblebee Camaro Up For Auction — The Cool One!

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If you're a decent person who saw the first Transformers movie, your neck veins popped out in rage when the perfectly lovable 1977 Camaro transformed into the slick modern version. Well, now the "fully functional" '77 is for sale.


Yes, it says the Cool Version of Bumblebee is "fully functional" (spare us, Star Trek fans) with riveted cowl induction hood scoop, Cragars front, Eric Vaughn Real Wheels in back, Moon decal, T-grip shifter, and an eight-track player. Mileage isn't specified, but it comes with a certificate of authenticity from Bay Films, perhaps one of the few things thing that ever could. It's expected to bring between $12,000 and $15,000, which seems low. We recommend the buyer clearcoat over the rust scars and drive it every day. [Profiles In History]

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Flathead Smith and the Screaming Straight Pipes

I think I have mentioned this before, but one of my most profoundly proud moments as a parent occurred when my son, who loves Transformers and Transformer movies, told me in his words "you know Daddy, I think the Bumblebee old beater Camaro is way cooler than the Bumblebee new Camaro". Tears welled up in my eyes that day, because I knew that so far, as a father, I have raised my son properly.

Now I just need to get my daughter and my soon to be born daughter also on the right track. Does anyone have suggestions on how to properly acclimate the unborn to the beater mentality?