The FBI Is Not Putting Every Motorcyclist On A Gang List Because Of Waco

There is an article circulating all over social media that says that the FBI is putting every motorcyclist on a classified gang list in the wake of the horrendous Waco biker gang shootout. Guess what? That is Grade A horse shit.

How do we know it’s horse shit? Well, the story comes from a site that looks a lot like The Washington Post. Except the URL is See that “.co” at the end? That’s not something that the real Washington Post has in its URL.


Here’s how you can tell the difference. First, here’s The Washington Post’s homepage looks like this:

See that? that’s a real website. Look at how professional this is with authors and headlines and such.

Here’s the homepage of


See how not good it looks? Also, see that second story on a WWE airline? That’s not a thing that has ever happened.

We can also tell it’s fake because there is no way that the FBI would follow every single motorcycle in all 50 United States as being part of a gang. I mean, come on. Your gullible aunt might think so and that’s why this is all over Facebook now, but it just isn’t true.


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